Date: 02/June/2015

From: Nikhil 
Date: Monday, June 01, 2015 10:01 AM
Subject: RE: Grassroots - UPDATES

 Dear team,

Hope all is well !

 Hopefully the below will be the last additional departure transfer for Grassroots, could you please make a booking for the below and I take this chance to thank all of your team for supporting us throughout the event and making it a success.  Looking forward for the final invoice so that we can start processing the payment.

 Many thanks,

 Nikhil Veetukattil

Date: 21/May/2015

From: Susudu Don  
Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 4:34 PM
To: 'Prakash' (;
Subject: LPO - JEUNESSE - 10009377

Dear Prakash,

Thank you for supporting us with this event. On an special note, we would like to appreciate fine efforts put in by Suresh who was onsite helping us out with all difficulties and Jishnu for managing all requests/allocations so accurately from back end. Suresh was a great strength to our coordinators’ team as he was available almost at all the places making sure that things went well. His dedication during this group (and group 3) around the clock, well deserves an appreciation from your end. On the other hand, Jishnu has been an extra strength to me as he was quick enough to understand all my last minute requirements and managing those so well. He too did a brilliant job by managing both the groups without any hassle, thus deserving an appreciation from your end. And, not to forget the helping hand Sarath extended to our coordinators and thank him too.  

Special thanks to all the drivers who were involved in this group, despite the long hours they had to work, drivers like Biju, Khalil, Shinto, Hussain, Hari, Thomas, Asmat & Panday were very pleasant, we appreciate their positive spirit very much.        

No wonder Rodney and other team members had a great share to get things organized so well so that we could manage this event the way we did.

Thank you very much once again!!

Susudu Don

Transport Supervisor

Date: 17/May/2015

From: Mildred Garcerant
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2015 1:26 PM
Subject: Re: Attn: Mr. Rodney Albert. BUS RENTAL INFO REQUEST.

Dear Jishnu and Rodney,

Thanks for a very nice service yesterday. I would like to take the opportunity to thank also Mr Sasi, who is a very patient and professional driver.

 I hope we could work together in the future.

 Best Regards,

 Mildred Garcerant

Date: 16/April/2015

From: Asok Kumar Parameswaran
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015
Subject: RE: Transport


Dear Jishnu



 We would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service in arranging the transport yesterday. Driver, Mr. Sijo was very co-operative and our thanks to him also.


 Kind regards




Date: 30/March/2015

Subject: RE: Alexandra Koller - mini bus - Sunday 29th of March 2015 1503F001

 Dear Jinu

Good afternoon

I would like to thank you for organizing everything from family Koller yesterday.

The family was very very happy  with Mr. Bagadullah.

He was very polite, on time and very friendly not only to the guests but also with me.

Please tell him thank you on behalf of family Koller and on my behalf.

Please send me the invoice so that we can arrange the payment.

Wishing you a good day.

Best Regards

May Kappes

Operations Manager


Date: 28/March/2015

From: Jadhav, Jagdish 

Subject: RE: Transport arrangement for HSE Department Get together @ RAK on 27th March'15

 Dear Mr. Sudheesh , 

This was really safe journey yesterday, bus was very neat & clean . I would like to give you thanks from our entire team especially to the driver, Mr. Ravi.

 Really great journey !!!!!!

 Thanks & Regards

Jagdish Jadhav 

Date: 25/March/2015

From: Kamaal Ahmed

 Dear All,

Thank you to all for making their trip once again memorable. Each and every one of you made it possible to achieve this result.

This clearly shows what we as a team are capable of doing.

Please pass this appreciation across to your teams.

Best Regards

 Kamaal Ahmed

 Logistics Manager 

Date: 24/March/2015

Date: 24/March/2015

Dear All,

Thank you to all for making their trip once again memorable. Each and every one of you made it possible to achieve this result.

This clearly shows what we as a team are capable of doing.

"Fazal, he is amazing. He plays well with the group every time, he makes everyone feel comfortable. Also he memorizes their faces almost immediately and looks out for them in the lobbies to help people find the bus. The group cheers for him every time he does a epic driving maneuver on the Dubai roads. He is fantastic!"

Please pass this appreciation across to your teams.

Best Regards

Kamaal Ahmed

 Logistics Manager 

Date: 08/March/2015

Dear  Team  / Management,

Greetings from  blt!!!

We  would like  to  express our  gratitude,  for  all  the  cooperation and support  given  to  our previous  booking.

We  really  appriciate  each and  every one in the team , of their  effort   to  make our group  happy.

I  personally  thank  Mr.Bijish  for  all support.

We wish to contiune a  good  business  relationship  with   you.

Once  again thanks a lot

Date: 04/May/2013

Subject:Mission Accomplished

Dear Orient Transport,

The Japanese crew local travel arrangements (Japanese PRIME MINISTER and crew - 150 pax) had been successfully executed. All of the travel arrangements were very well organized and they were very happy about the service. Below is the SMS sent to me by the Japanese co-coordinator, Mr Tomo :
"Hi, finally our mission was completely done as normaly. Thank you for your support and arrangement. I hope that we can meet near future again! I don't forget that we done quite difficult arrangement within such a short time. Many many thanks! TOMO" - sent at 22:03, 02/05/2013.
I would like to THANK Orient Transport for all your support and cooperation, working alongside with us, to help us execute it well. I would like to especially THANK Mr. Vipin, Mr. Midhun and Mr. Jinu and the rest of the crew (drivers and other staff) for all of their contributions and helping attitude, all throughout the service. We look forward to work with you in the near future. Many thanks again.

Kind regards,

Joseph Punnooran
Tours Consultant
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Date: 18/March/2013
Subject:Re:Al Muntazah to Tower Links Ras Al Khaimah

Dear Jishnu,

Thank you very much for lease of the coach on Friday 15th March.

The coach arrived on time and made good time for both the outgoing and return journeys.

The driver Mr. Saman Mallava was excellent and we will be requesting him for future trips if possible.

Your vehicle was very well received and we will have no problem in recommending your company to other contacts and friends.

Thanks again.

Andrew Fairweather

Date: 13/March/2013

Subject:RE:Urgent booking for Coaster and 33 seater for USA group Kamaal.

Dear Rodney,

I have received a personal sms from Mathew saying the following :

"can I request Fazal as our driver tomorrow for our AUH day. He was very great and the group liked him a lot. It is a long day"

We will highly appreciate if you can allocate Fazal as their driver throughout the stay.

Please pass our sincere appreciation to Fazal as he has impressed the whole group with his services and charm.

Thanking you, Best Regards

Kamaal Ahmed.
Logistics Manager
Gulf Ventures

Date: 07/February/2013

Date:Thursday,February 07
Subject:Vehicle Request for U.S. Visitor

Dear Vipin and Jinu:

Thanks for Orient's previous excellent service, notably Nasar's, in working with me and changing schedules due to which I'd like to request Orient (and Nasar as driver) for another visitor coming our way.  As I shared with Vipin by telephone, Ms. Lourdes Lamela will need a vehicle.

Many thanks for your cooperation and excellent service.

Mariyam A. Cementwala
U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi

Date: 31/January/2013

From:Ali Marhoon
31 January 2013
Mr Ali Marhoon

Thank you very much for your dealings
I am very happy with the service of  Mr Noushad your driver,
because he is very friendly and committed to times.
Mr Ali Marhoon

Date: 21/January/2013

Date 21 January 2013
Subject: AW: car rental

Dear Rodney, dear Vernon!

First of all many thanks for you kind service. Everything worked out fine
and for our full satisfaction.

We have been as well very, very happy with our driver Surresh! He was always
on time and had a very safety and comfortable driving style.
Congratulations to such a driver - he was the best driver I've ever had in

Again, many thanks and I' hope seeing you soon in Dubai!

With best regards,
Fohren 1041
6861 Alberschwende
Vorarlberg / Austria

Date: 01/January/2013

From: Rachel Geyer

Credit Card Authorization for Family Geyer

Dear Orient Transport

Just to say a big thank you for the excellent service last night to the desert and back. A fabulous, helpful driver, who drove us all beautifully and safely in a great bus.

Wishing you all a happy new year

Best wishes

Rachel Geyer


Date: 18/November/2012

Subject:RE:URGENT : : 14 seater mini bus hire

Dear Sibu,

We completed the one week tour of UAE.  As last year we are happy with the bus service and would like thank you for that.

Following is the reporting and leaving times and extra hours. The total extra hours is 40 hours

So I will pay you another 400 Dirhams. You can send your man anytime to collect the money.

All other payment was done in advance.

In near future I have some more groups coming to visit so I will again hire your bus.

Thanks once again.

Best Regards,

Bhaskar Dubal


Date: 18/November/2012

From:Simon Philip  
Sent:18 November 2012 07:24 AM
Subject:Coach for the 17th of November


Thank  you  very  much.  Everything  was  in  order  and  no   issues.
We  could   travel   on  your  bus  with   much   relaxed. Also   Noufal   reached    well  on  time.


Date: 17/November/2012

From:Matt Trenchard
Sent:17 November 2012 05:35 PM
Subject:RE:Coach transport to & from Al Aqah, Fujairah

Thanks once again for a faultless journey there and back, for always being on time (early) and for great customer service. Really appreciate you guys.


Matt Trenchard

Date: 09/November/2012

Subject: Airport Bussing

From: Ralph Barrett
To: Orient Auh

Dear Mr. George,

 Thank you very much for your email.  

 First, I would like to thank you and your company for your wonderful service.  It was, once again, an absolute pleasure doing business with you.  Everyone in your company conducted themselves with the utmost of professionalism and I commend you on a job well done.  Thank you!!

 Regarding the camera, can you deliver it to the security guards at the entrance to our school? That would be very helpful. When it is delivered, please ask them to contact me and I will pick it up from them.

 Warm regards,

 Ralph Barrett

Date: 07/November/2012

Subject: RE: GSK transport


I just wanted to say thank you for your help with our Abu Dhabi transport.

I would particularly like to say how excellent our driver Anish was.

He was extremely helpful, always punctual and flexible with changes.  Also, the bus was in excellent condition.

Thanks again,

Manager, Event Marketing


Date: 06/November/2012

Sub:Thank you

Dear Vipin, Jinu and Prasanth,

Just a quick note to say a big well done.  Your drivers did a fantastic job with a smile on their face at all times.  We had no issues with lateness, presentation or knowledge of the routes.  We wanted to make particular mention of car number 12 which was Nasser.  He took the lead role and helped us communicate and coordinate with the other drivers.  I've spoken with a number of other agencies who had problems with drivers and the suppliers they were using so I'm pleased to say that we spoke very well of Orient and the team of drivers we were provided with.

Kind regards,
Tim Silvey
UK: +44(0)7850 736110
UAE: +971(0)5577 40624 

Date: 01/November/2012

Dear Hussain,

May this mail finds you in good health!!

Please pass on our appreciation to driver Moidheen for his great support extended to below group while in town.

Kind regards,


Date: 19/April/2012

Subject: 2 coaches and 1 minivan at Atlantis

Dear Mr. Jishnu, Mr. Rodney and Mr. Matthew,


I would like to say a special thank for all of you, for your kind cooperation and assistance during the preparation and the meeting event yesterday. All drivers were at the meeting points in time, and they waited the clients for long according to our request. I have positive feedback about your service - although not too many clients used the buses, (most of them arrived by private car / taxi) the clients were satisfied.

Regarding the payment: kindly inform us if there is remaining due from our side that should be covered and kindly send us the final invoice for all the 4 vehichles.

I hope to have a good business together also in the future!

Thanks and Regards,

Anita Szalai

Date: 04/April/2012

Subject: RE: Bus Hire for 4 April

Just a note to say that your company was excellent as usual. Thank you.

Anne Allan

(Note: This message reached us even before the coach that transported them had reached our yard.Our thanks to Ms. Anne for this prompt appreciation)

Date: 01/April/2012

Subject: RE: Ukraine FAM Trip

Dear Mathew

I would like to thank you for all your help everything was perfect for the Ukraine FAM Trip from your side and the driver was great.

Can you please send me the invoice to our offices as soon as you can as I am in the process of organizing the payments for this specific FAM Trip so there wont be any delay.

And please mention : To Majid Abdulla Al Qassimi

Best Regards

Majid Abdulla Al Qassimi

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority

Date: 13/March/2012

Subject: Re: RE: Booking from Hauser Group

Dear Jishnu,

I am Germany this week. I trust your professionable work. Just send invoice to our accounts department.


Head of Operations

Date: 08/March/2012

Subject: S A P GROUP

Dear Alex,

We would like to covey our thanks to your entire team for their excellent support extended during the operation of the subject group.

The Team led by Mr Jaya Kumar at the Hotel for the activities and departure transfers, were very helpful and active.

Thank you for your support and keep the same level of resources for our future services.

With Regards / Das

Date: 05/March/2012

Subject: Driver Pradeep

Dear Orient Motors,

My group has had the privilege of being driven around Dubai and Abu Dhabi on many trips the past ten days, and I want to let you know how much we enjoyed him. He is a good driver, a perfect gentleman and always helpful and patient with my group. You can be proud of him as one of the best and most professional drivers in Dubai!

Many thanks and best regards,

Kent Kauffman

Bozeman, Montana

Date: 05/February/2012

Subject: Appreciation

Dear Mathew, Jacob, Shibu, Alex,

I’d like to place on record my appreciation for the impeccable services we have received for all transportation that has been booked with you.

I must appreciate the efficiency of your drivers and the last minute changes you and team are able to afford to allow planners factor in the last minute exigencies and surprises.

I look forward to your continued support on future events.

Kind regards


Ajay Bhatia

CEO, Kris Events

Date: 05/February/2012

Subject: Canadian International School Abu Dhabi-lost items


Dear Sir,


Thank you so much for finding, keeping safe and returning the electronic game and headphones that my son, Will left on the bus after his trip to Hatta Fort Hotel.

 We are very grateful and very impressed with you company's professionalism and caring attitude.

 I have received many phone calls informing of the situation from both Abu Dhabi and Sharjah offices and again this morning as it was being delivered back to the school.

 I was sorry to miss the driver as I would have liked to thank him personally. I have written to the Hatta Fort Hotel too, to tell them of my praise for such a good company.



Mrs Kerry Shepheard

Shadow Teacher, Canadian International School

Date: 02/February/2012

Subject: RE: Karenna Kapoor Troupe - Transport Requirements


Dear Team,


Please find the response from my client.


On behalf of Team latitude and RAKBANK I would like to thank you for your  excellent service, prompt action and follow up!


We were impressed at the efficiency and response time.


Congratulations on a job well done! Rest assured we will continue to work with you.


Our success was made possible by your coordination and your great drivers.


Please convey our appreciation to









-Sreejith, and



Bhaji Bhadran


Date: 29/January/2012

Subject: Kareena Kapoor Troupe - Transport Requirements


Dear Team | Rodney | Jishnu | Jiji| Sibu | Mathew,


Thank you so much for your great support, cooperation and professional service for the below important event.


Appreciate all the drivers great efforts.


Please send me the total billing/vehicle used duration by today so I can finalise the accounts with my clients.


Bhaji Bhadran

Inbound Tour Consultant

Date: 31/December/2011

Thank you all for your great cooperation yesterday night. We really appreciate your help as that made our operations very smooth which would not have been same without your help.

Thanking you Once again.

Best regards.


Kamaal Ahmed

Date: 22/November/2011

Subject: satisfied customer, attn Matthew

Dear Sir,

We had the pleasure of traveling in one of your cars the other week, 12 and 13th of Nov.

I am writing to you as me and my family were satisfied with our driver Sreejith from your company.

He acted professionally and friendly. Driving safely and calmly which was much appreciated.

Thank you for you service.


Best regards,

Joachim Svenezon

Human Resources Manager Overseas

Date: 20/November/2011

Subject: RE: Buses for Brazilian National day

Hello Jiji,

First I would like to thank Orient for having supplied the buses for another Brazilian event, we had a great time in the bus and it was very usefull.

I need your invoice for the same as I need to send it to Marcopolo Brazil to refund me for the payment.

Thanks once again,


Maichel R. Mensch

Marcopolo Middle East

Date: 08/November/2011

Subject: RE: Tour of Al Ain and Fujiarah


Dear Mr. Mathew,


 I have completed a 2 Day trip to Al Ain and Fujairah in Previa. We enjoyed the trip.

 Mr. Srijit was very helpful and the car was also good and had a  good time.


Thanks and Best Regards,


Bhaskar Dubal

Discipline Manager - HSE Design

Petrofac Engineering & Construction



Date: 20/October/2011

Subject: Thank You


Dear Jarita,


Thank you so much for helping so promptly with our ever changing transportation requests over the last few days for the NAJAH exhibition.  

All Goods and People arrived intact and on time without any stress.   Please also thank the Orient Car People for the superior level of service on that really bad foggy day, the driver Anish was excellent.





Date: 09/October/2011

Date 09/10/11


Subject: Bus transfers for the group last week.


Dear Vipin and Jinu,


I would like to say a big thank you for your flexibility and prompt actions during the many changes last week with the group staying at Traders and coming to ZU.  The person in charge of the group has written the following which I would like to forward on to you:


There may be some confusion regarding the bus we used in the evening on Monday, 3 October.  My initial order and confirmed booking intended to cut the driver loose after the 19:45 drop off in town (we were to take taxis home).  Unfortunately, some of my guests told the driver to wait.  He dutifully did, and took the group back to the hotel around 22:00.  This flexibility was enormously helpful and highly professional.  I apologize for the confusion and of course will approve the billing of extra hours.


It is service like this that helps make our guests stay extra special and I really do appreciate all your help.


With best wishes


Jane McKinnon

Associate Director

Zayed University

Date: 08/September/2011

Dear all,,

Thanks, it all went very smooth than we expected.

The Buses and drivers were very efficient and expert in their duties, they did a great job bringing our staff and faculty to Abu Dhabi on time and back to Dubai.

Have a nice weekend

I appreciate



Date: 31/August/2011





Date: 24/August/2011

Dear Sir or Madam:


I took a tour group of 12 people from China visiting Dubai and Abu dabi from 18th of August to 22th of August. The Dubai local travel agency is Arabian Explorers. The driver Mr. Siva Kumar from your company is very nice and friendly to us. We are very satisfied with his service. I write to you to express our great thanks to him and you. With his good service, we made our trip in UAE successful and unforgettable. Thank you!


Bin Ling  (group leader) 


Date: 04/July/2011

Sub:- Short Notice Request for 4 Vehicles with Drivers Needs an Extra One Again
Thanks very much Mr. Raju,
You've a GREAT job for us, Mr. Raju - outstanding!
We look forward to meeting your drivers tomorrow here at the Embassy.
US Embassy Abu Dhabi UAE

Date: 21/June/2011

Dear Jayan & Jacob hello!

Thank you so much to arranging a transfer for me and my family to/from Al Aqah Miramar. Also let me tell big appreciation to driver Mr. Mohammad. He is really GOOD and professional driver.
He knows everything like guide.

Thanks one more time, waiting for the invoice.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Sayyora Isan
Operations Manager

Date: 12/June/2011

First of all thank you for the support extended towards Al Reyami Travel and Tourism and from last three days the driver Mr. Shihab has done great job, he is very punctual, cooperative and polite in all ways Appreciate the operation teams as well as that supported us to make success of the Event.

Thanks & Best Regards

Rashmeeth P
Business Development Manager

Date: 27/March/2011

Dear Sibu, Dear Mathew, Dear Jacob
I would like to say thank you so very much for all your help and patients the past 5 days.
Your services were excellent as usual.
It's always a pleasure working with you.
Best regards
May Kappes
Volks Wagen group

Date: 27/March/2011

Dear Prasanth,
Thank you for this and for your assistance with the camp.  The client is very happy and we look forward to working with you again soon.   Everything looks in order I and I would like to process payment as soon as possible.  If you have not sent already, would you please send me a copy of your invoice?
Gulf Ventures

Date: 08/February/2011

Dear Vipin,
Good Morning!
Our client Ms. Liya was very happy with your driver Mr. Nasar and has sent her appreciation for his services.
Please pass this on to Mr. Nasar and thank you for all your help and assistance.
Warm Regards
Premnath Padmanabhan
Senior Sales Executive

Date: 02/February/2011

Dear Vipin,
First of all many thanks to you and your colleagues for excellent service throughout the London Wasps stay. Once again, having a reliable transport company made my job a lot easier and I appreciate all your and the drivers time.
Niki Matthews
Event Executive

Date: 03/January/2011

WEBB, Michael
Dear Vipin Raju,
This is just a quick note to thank you and your driver for the excellent service you have provided and continue to provide to me.
I have just given a glowing reference to a colleague (Mr. Desroche) about you and your company, and I am sure you will also give the same good service to him.
Thank you and best regards,
Mike Webb

Date: 22/December/2010

Certificate of Appreciation
We are proud to acknowlege the receipt of Certificate of Appreciation for our services.
Click here to view the certificate

Date: 16/December/2010

Hello Mr. Raju,
First of all I would like to thank you for a superb job during our Secretary of Defense visit last week, You were flexible with our frequent changing schedule, and you delivered a great service on time. Please forward our thanks to Mr. Sundar and Mr. Wilson as well as Mr. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Ashraf Your continuous support is highly appreciated.
On a different note we have a second visit and we are again requesting your assistance, We need two vehicles with drivers each for 7 passengers, so the Previas are OK This service will paid for directly by the delegation with credit card or cash, I hope that it is acceptable Looking forward to your confirmation with veh/ driver details as usual
Ms. Dorsaf Naouali James
Visits Coordinator
U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi

Date: 08/December/2010

I would like to thank you and inform my evaluation about the service of last weekend that in my opinion was really positive:
- the vehicles (buses and car) were confortable, new and were very clean;
- the drivers were extremely polite, answered promptly to the telephone e confirmed always their status and instructions when necessary;
- the office has also made contact through telephone and were at our disposal throughout the day;
- the adjustment on the value (additional trips) was also promptly advised by them and the invoice sent on the next day.
For all the reason above, I must thank you again for your support. The indication was worthwhile.
Fernanda Maria
Brazilian Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Date: 23/November/2010

"Can you please send a big thank you to Srikumar and all your drivers for helping out last night, they were fabulous".
Many thanks,
Sallie Taylor,
Marketing and Promotions Manager
Dubai World Championship
The European Tour
Jumeirah Golf Estates,

Date: 22/November/2010

yesterday i reserve one car with driver from your company for some meeting in Abu Dahbi. I d like just to inform you that I was very happy with the driver and your service. We had any understanding problem because he speaked very well englisch, He knows so well the city so that I was in time in all my meetings, he drived also very safety. I am 200 days in one year on travel and so is very important to became the right service. I hope by my next travel to dubai to receive the same service.
Dott.Massimiliano Coco, MBA GM

Date: 15/January/2010

Thanks to Komar
I write to you to thank you as a company for your great efforts in order to make our work with GEORGE WASHINGTON GROUP comes as we desired for the agency name, and special thanks to KOMAR who was actually so cooperative,professional and responsible.

Date: 14/January/2010

Claudine Dierickx
Dear Mathew,
I was very pleased with the work of Mr Selvan your driver. He was very polite, flexible and patient with us. He is a very carefully driver and he knows his way through the Emirates very well. I absolutely can recommend him. Hope to work with him in future.
I would like to meet you on Saturday at mall to discuss tours with you in future. I have good contacts with a travel agent in Belgium who wants to start up tours in Emirates and Oman.
Best regards,
Claudine Dierickx

Date: 21/October/2009

Good morning,
The Geneva delegation left Abu Dhabi and went back to Switzerland. The Minister was very pleased with the organisation of the visit and the substantial discussions.
I would like to thank you very much for your excellent cooperation which made the visit of the delegation a success...
Thank you again for all the efforts you invested. Have a good day!
DFA Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Embassy of Switzerland - Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Date: 06/October/2009

October 06, 2009
Bus to Fortune Executive Tower
Rose, Thanks for organizing the bus. We fully used it – only one seat was empty. Bus was clean and AC worked well.
Driver was good. I told him to drive safely at the start and he did.
Thanks again.

Date: 01/October/2009

Subject: Great service – Rent a Car
Hello Jayakumar, I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service you provided with my recent rental.
It was fantastic how quickly you arranged my rental, and how easy it was to add another rental car, to add another driver, and even to add Oman insurance. Your offices did these transactions quickly, clearly, and with a smile.
In addition, when we needed delivery of the cars to our home, you provided this service at no extra charge. This is much better than XXXXXXXXX and other car companies, who offer this convenience only for a fee.
Again, thanks for smooth, efficient and friendly service.
Best regards,
Christina Brady

Date: 29/September/2009

Porsche Middle East coach transfers
Dear Rajesh I would like to thank you and your team for your great service yesterday & our clients are very happy with the quality of the coach this morning.
Please keep up the great service and we will surely contact you for future transportation needs.
If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Tiffany Wu,

Date: 12/August/2009

Choc Visit Ras Al Khaima
Just a quick note to thank you for arranging the bus for our Choc visit last week - it went really well and the ladies had a great time. The driver Kumar was fantastic and knew exactly where he was going and drove really well. We took a photo of him which we promised we'd send on to him! Please could you arrange for this to be forwarded on to him?
Thank you for the good service. This is why I prefer to deal with you guys. Thanks for the rates as well.

Date: 30/June/2009

Sharjah Museums orientation Tour
Today’s tour went well and Devaraj was EXCELLENT!!!! Many thanks to him again!

Date: 25/January/2009

January 25, 2009
Hotel transfer
I was very pleased to see Santosh was early getting to the Al Manzil Hotel, drove safely, our signs were on the windows and was only minutes away when I called for him to pick the group up after their dinner, so they weren’t kept waiting at all. So please let Santosh know that we were delighted

Date: 22/September/2008

Greetings from XEROX
THANK YOU ALL for your hard work with assisting the XEROX, Pareto, Canadian group in the last couple of days. Please say a special thanks to HARI for his excellent driving and being a perfect assistant with the group in the 50str. It was always, well on time, clean, tidy and branded with the Allied logo which was excellent.
Shihab was also clean, tidy, friendly, helpful and on time with the 30str on Saturday and please extent my thanks to him. And to you in the office for always being helpful and polite. We would like to work closely with these two drivers and the rest of the Orient team for the coming season. More bookings to follow.
Thanks again, have a great day.