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Orient Motors, the flag ship company undertakes all types of works at its workshop at Emirates Industrial City, Sajaa, Sharjah (contact no 06 5072700) backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Specialising in Bus Airconditioning, supply of AC units, maintenance and spare parts for all types of AC units
  • Denting and painting work of all vehicles including Buses, Trucks and Trailers
  • Spare parts and services for all brands of Chinese Buses available

ORIENT MOTORS also holds the franchise for the following products in UAE and MENA regions – selectively

Buses and Coaches from Foton Motor Company Ltd.

Orient motors is proud to have been chosen by Foton Motor Company Ltd., as compared to other bigger Corporates in the race, to market their Buses and Coaches in UAE. Backed by a strong marketing and service team led by professionals, Orient Motors confidently offers unprecedented 2 Years or 200,000 Kms warranty coverage*. The specifications of the vehicles for the UAE market are tailor made to suit the local conditions. As a result the customers get ‘WORLD CLASS QUALITY CUSTOMISED TO SUIT THE LOCAL CONDITIONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST'

Bus AC Systems
  • Eberspächer Sütrak is one of the market leading companies for bus AC systems. The company acquired an extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of bus air conditioning and has a close relationship to bus manufacturers and operators worldwide.
  • Eberspächer Sütrak develops, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of passenger comfort solutions for buses and special vehicles.
  • Eberspächer Sütrak designs to meet highest quality and reliability standards. The company looks back to a successful history of rooftop units in desert regions with extremely hot climate conditions

Linings and Pads with DNA safety and quality!

Duroline offers a wide variety of linings and pads available for all applications in vehicles demanding higher braking safety such as buses, trucks and road implements. Through the exclusive and revolutionary Wave Process, Duroline offers linings that guarantee a higher durability, a better performance and lower noise levels. For the domestic market, Duroline offers three kinds of density in lining materials, allowing for the customers to choose the one that is the best for their needs.

Densities of materials in linings:
Good durability and good braking power, with low noise levels. Indicated to be used in road vehicles, trucks and heavy-duty trucks. It is the most economical formulation.
Good durability and excellent braking power, low noise level and low aggressiveness to the drum. Ideal for both city and road transportation.
High performance and greater durability with moderate aggressiveness to the drum and very low noise levels. It is ideal for extreme condition applications for both city and road transportation.

Auto Glasses

Wind Screen Glasses marketed under the brand is manufactured in Egypt, by Aman Auto Glass. Aman laboratories utilize advanced testing equipments to ensure a good quality in terms of visual appearance, mechanical performance and aging performance. Their professional quality assurance inspectors use the most advanced technology to ensure that our products conform to the requirements of ECE R43.
  • Fragmentation Test (Dropping Tower) - Verifies that no harmful splinters appear in the case of breakage.
  • G. Ball Test (Dropping Tower) - Assesses the adhesion of the interlayer in laminated glass and mechanical strength of other toughened glass panes.
  • Kg Ball Test (Ball Impact Test) - Assesses ball penetration resistance of laminated glass.
  • Headform Test (Dropping Tower) - Verifies glass panes comply with requirements related to minimizing injuries in the case of head impact.
  • High-Temperature Test (Bake Test) Bake Oven 250°C - Verifies that no bubbles or other defects occur in the interlayer of laminated glass when exposed to high temperature over an extended period of time.
  • Temperature Change Test - Chelxs that plastic used in safety glazing will not deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperature.
  • Humidity Test (Humidity Apparatus) - Determines that a laminated glass pane or other glass panes with plastic will withstand effects of prolonged exposure to humidity.
  • Abrasion Test (Horizontal Turnable with 2 Abrasive Wheel) - Verifies sufficient wear resistance of a safety glass pane.
  • Light Transmission Test - Verifies sufficient visibility of safety glass panes.
  • Optical Distortion Test - Verifies that the windscreen does not cause distortions.
  • Secondary Image Separation Test - To verify that separation angle of a secondary image from the primary image does not exceed a specified value.

Bus AC Systems

SONGZ AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD is a solely foreign-funded enterprise established in June 2002. The Company always adheres to the strategy of producing 'efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly' products and the philosophy of technical marketing. Boasting over 80 inventions and utility models, it has launched over 10 series of high-quality air-conditioning systems with over 300 models according to vehicle types and operation features. The Company is committed to applying heat exchange technology to the air-conditioning system of passenger vehicle so as to satisfy the needs of clients to the maximum extent. SONGZ is a professional vehicle air-conditioner manufacturer, and is also the domestic largest manufacturer of large and medium-sized passenger vehicle air-conditioners. With its own brand-based and market-oriented operations, SONGZ works on independent research and development, design, marketing, promotion and sales of all kinds of vehicle air conditioning products. The products are widely used in various types of large and medium-sized passenger vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, light-duty buses and rail vehicles, filling in the domestic vacuum of the double-decker bus air conditioner production.

Brake Pads – Safety and Reliability

  • Brake Pads are manufactured in Eco-friendly Asbestos free formulations.
  • More than 1200 References of all major Automobile Applications.
  • Allied friction material is used by all major Brake System & Automobile Manufacturers viz. Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Delphi, QH, Piaggio, Bosch
  • More than 100 references for various International applications.
  • Suzuki Motors, Honda Motorcycles, Piaggio Italy & many others have approved ANL Linings as Original Equipment for their vehicles.
  • A strong base of satisfied customers in Australia & Latin America.

Experience Authentic Bedouin Culture

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Jump back in time and experience the true culture and traditions of the Bedouin Arabs, in a distinctive and peaceful atmosphere.

The Bedouin Oasis is the only one of its kind in the UAE and now known as the hidden jewel of the desert. Unlike more commercial desert safaris, this haven has been designed for the discerning customer, desiring a traditional experience of the Arabian desert, fused with indulgence and luxury. In true Bedouin style, the camp uses no electricity and instead illuminates the oasis romantically with candles, antique lanterns and gas lights. Every visitor is welcomed with the first sight of beautiful lights glistening in the trees leading down the dunes to the exclusive oasis below. Nestled in the pocket between two of the most beautiful dunes in Ras Al Khaima, the Bedouin Oasis is completely environment friendly. It is ensured that no foot print is left behind retaining the beauty of the Ras Al Khaima Desert for many years to come.

The visitors are welcomed with the true Bedouin hospitality and offered the pure Arabic Kahwa with the sweetest dates. Guests can unwind and enjoy their evening on large and greatly coloured cushions under tents made traditionally with goat hair, using exquisite design fit for a king. The more adventurous can relax and bide their time over sisha and coffee, as they delight in the entertainment throughout the night. Visitors can also choose to take part in one of the customized activities during the stay. This may include camel rides, henna painting, sand boarding and off road activities.

Arabian Incentive creates special packages dedicated to school children in order that they experience the true Bedouin culture in the oasis as it was years before they were born and learn about desert traditions. Through this experience the kids will learn, first hand, how the Bedouins used to live through real life workshops on how to behave in the desert. Overnight stays are also available for guests to experience a tranquil oasis, under the bright stars, crystal clear against the desert’s night sky.

Experience you will treasure forever!!!!